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Korean Cultural Experience Event January 2019

The Korean Cultural Experience Event brings together our loved ones and allows our friends and family to learn more about Korean culture through activities.

Bible Seminar – Heaven and Passover

Through the Bible, we can understand that God promised the blessings of eternal life and salvation through the New Covenant Passover.

Whose Birthday is Christmas?

Does Christmas truly have its roots from the Bible? The World Mission Society Church of God Singapore held a Bible Seminar explaining the answer.

Bible Seminar—Passover, the Seal of God

The Bible prophesied that before the great day of God comes, there is the seal of God we need to receive. What is the Seal of God written in the Bible?

Bible Seminars

Spreading the word of God 

Blood Drives

Giving the gift of life

Environmental Protection

Saving the Earth

Awards & Media

Awards & Media

PHC Appreciation 2018

PHC Appreciation 2018

The World Mission Society Church of God, Singapore, receives certificate of appreaciation from PHC on July 2018 for volunteer works.

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