Where Does Life Come From?

Jan 4, 2017 | Heavenly Mother

Where does life come from? Many people have been intrigued by this question for centuries. Scientists conduct intense research to discover the source of life. Some came up with evolutionary theories or intangible and bombastic cosmic theories like the Big Bang Theory. However, all of these are merely theories made up by the thoughts of men.

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Big Bang Theory

A theory is a hypothesis; and with constant research and studies, will be acknowledged by the scientific world. A theory can also collapse when another discovers a flaw in it and disprove it. Regarding the matter of life, evolution and big bang theories have not “proven” as absolute and perfect.

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Evolution Theory

Some have even gone into outer space in the hopes of searching and obtaining answers to the mystery of life. Even with the technology advancements, we have today, have we been able to find life on other planets in the vast universe? Until now there is no concrete evidence. It is only on the Planet Earth that we can find life. Then, isn’t the answer to the origin of life not so far from us? God had allowed us to know the source of life through the Bible.

Revelation 4:11  “You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honour and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.”

Where do all life come from? When we examine the Bible, it is stated that God’s will is hidden in all creation. What is God’s will in all creation then? Birds in the air, fishes in the sea, and even human beings… from whom do they receive their life from?

If there is God the Father, shouldn’t there be God the Mother as well? Through the Bible scriptures, we find out that God the Mother exists too.

We can see that we receive physical life from our physical mothers. Without mothers, there can be no life. So, what about our spiritual life?

Galatians 4:26  But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our mother.

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  1. Lele

    Surely the answer to the question where life comes from is near us right on this planet! Thanks to God Elohim for revealing the last secret, Heavenly Mother who is the source of eternal life and our salvation in the age of Holy Spirit 😄❤

  2. Manaus

    As for me, ‘being saved’ means ‘returning to heavenly home with eternal life’. The same to you? I came to understand that I was a heavenly angel before coming to this sinful world. Elohim God allowed this understanding.

  3. xiaoran

    Many people wander where are we from, why we live, after we die where are we going, but no one can have the perfect answer even through the science, but the bible tells us clearly the we have our Heavenly home, we have our Heavenly Mother who can give us eternal life. Let us study the bible so we can know more clearly about ourselves and go to our Kingdom of Heaven!!!

  4. Nandy

    In this age, the Holy Spirit and the Bride have come with the free gift of the water of life. Their coming is for our salvation. That is, eternal life comes from Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother!

  5. Anxiner❤

    Isn’t an amazing thing that we have God the Mother?
    But isn’t a normal thing that we have God the Mother?
    Truly this is my biggest blessing to be a child of God the Mother who is the reality of ❤

  6. rooster

    Erm…thought bible says salvation/eternal life comes from Jesus alone. John 3:16

  7. C

    Even through the things on this earth, we are able to know where life comes from.
    Heb 8:5
    Just as the things are copy and shadow of heaven, we can understand that we have life from our physical Father and Mother.
    We are able to know that our Heavenly Mother also exist and give us life .

  8. Fen²


  9. Linda

    We can never receive eternal life without Heavenly Mother. I give all thanks to Elohim God for allow me receive the truth.

  10. Lindsy

    Miss my hometown Heaven and Heavenly Mother!

  11. happyjacky

    No mother no life. How can we receive eternal life without God the Mother? I’m so happy to become a child of Mother!

  12. Peach Taylor

    Just as our body are born from physical mothers, our soul also will be born from spiritual mother, God the Mother. Therefore, the bible testifies that God the Mother exist who give birth to us and give us the eternal life.

  13. Essence

    Whatever we do to the full, it will be meaningless unless we have God the Mother! She is the source of eternal salvation!

  14. Maclein

    Already, God the Mother has come in the flesh to be with us, heavenly lost children. Only those who depend on Her will enter the kingdom of heaven as the Bible says.

  15. :)

    Amen! Through the things on this earth, we can definitely see that mother is very very important. In heaven, there must be Heavenly Mother who is sooooo important to gives us life! ^-^

  16. Erica

    God the mother exist by the God’s will in all living being.

  17. smileysmiley

    Life comes from both Father and Mother, Elohim God^^

  18. carey

    I obviously find out the answer in the Bible. The Bible is filled with our spiritual parents’ love and our stories.
    Thanks to Father and Mother.

  19. KW

    Thanks to God Elohim to let us know the existence of our Heavenly Mother to complete the final piece of puzzle(Perfect Love).

  20. Ni

    God the Mother’s love is hidden since the creation of the world but not hard to find in every living beings like us. Truly give thanks to God for always being near us.

  21. Mother's child

    life must surely be from God the Mother~!!

  22. Steffi

    Thats true! Theres so many theories that are not proven and that there is no way to proof it.
    However, the existence of life through Mother is not only proven, but its part of our daily life.
    Surely God the Mother exist as well!

    • Wu Suling

      Thanks to our Heavenly Parents for Love and Sacrified for our sin . Praise to Our Mother eternal love to us . Amen😇😇

  23. Cathy

    We can receive spiritual life through God the Mother who gives us Eternal Life. We can find It in the Bible.

    • Anna

      However, why do so many christian on earth not believe in God the Mother testified in the Bible? It doesn’t make sense!

  24. james

    Any one who believes in the bible cannot deny the fact that God the Mother exists because it is so obvious in the bible. But it is hard to accept when people hold on to their own religious concept and tradition. We should break down our prejudice and now look at the bible to receive the eternal life from God the Mother.

  25. GX

    Mankind fears death, not knowing where they will go after that. Even though nobody knows, it’s an instinct for us to live and avoid death at all costs. Thanks to Elohim God for allowing us to know where we will return after living our lives on this earth.



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