When I was a child, I had a great deal of interest and concern in the matter of life and death, unlike other children of my age who were so care-free. I often asked the adults, “Why do we have to die? What happens after we die?”

“It’s a natural process,” they would say, “when there’s birth, there is death. There’s nothing after death. You feel nothing. That’s it.” But I was never satisfied with their answers. The thought of people whom I love dying at any time greatly disturbed me. To ease my discomfort, I made up my mind to be a scientist when I grew up and find the panacea that could cure death so that we would live forever.

As I grew up, however, I realised it is futile to try to live forever in our physical body, considering the nature of our biological composition. So I started to consider if there was a spiritual world that our spirit would go to after we die. I tried to find an answer through religion. I asked a monk where our spirits would go after we die when I visited a Buddhist temple; he gave an indefinite answer. I started reading the Bible myself but couldn’t catch the point. I visited a church trying to know more about God, but all that the pastor talked about was physical things and nothing about the soul. I came to the conclusion that people had so little knowledge about God and God is so far from us. Still, sometimes I wondered how God looked and what He really wanted from us. In many cases, God is portrayed as an old man in a white robe with a long white beard. I wondered if He was really so.

When I first did the survey conducted by the people from World Mission Society Church of God Singapore (SGWMSCOG), there was a question which asked, “What do you think is the image of God?” and the options given were “male”, “female”, and “male and female”. Honestly, before that, I had not thought about God’s gender explicitly. However, after giving it a moment of thought, I felt strongly that if Christians believe Jesus, who has a male image just like any man on this earth is God, then it would not make sense that God is male only. Otherwise, what are we females doing on this earth? Actually, when I went to church, I felt somehow disappointed that God is not a motherly figure and thought maybe I should try going to a Catholic Church which believes in Virgin Mary. After seeing the verses that the members from SGWMSCOG showed me, which says that males and females are created in the images of God, I felt no further explanation was needed to understand that God is both male and female. “Of course, this is natural and makes perfect sense!”

After knowing that we have a Heavenly Mother, I was greatly comforted as if I’d found the missing piece of a puzzle. Not only that, as I continued to study the Bible, all the questions that I had about life were answered. The answers that I had been longing for but did not find in any other churches and temples, I finally found in the World Mission Society Church of God.

I used to think that God is far from us and we are left on this earth to struggle on our own. However, I realised that Elohim God are our spiritual Parents and have left many precious messages in the Bible for us over such a long period of 6,000 years. They even came to this earth personally to lead us; I could not hold back my emotions. How can we not die but live forever? I am no longer perturbed by this problem, for God, our Heavenly Parents have come with the panacea for death, the New Covenant Passover. I no longer need to ask anyone where we would go after death, for Elohim God, who are the creators of our souls, have made known to us the way to return to our spiritual home, heaven. Instead, I will confidently testify this precious truth to people who have not known about the spiritual world. Above all else, I will never think God is far from us; by the grace of God, I have become a child of God—Heavenly Father and Mother.

The words of the Bible, which I once found abstruse, have now come to life. There are many verses in the Bible that touched my heart with the love of God, but the one that I cherished and was moved by the most is none other than Galatians 4:26 “But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our mother.” It is because when we have Mother, we have life, peace and everything. On the way to our heavenly home, holding Heavenly Mother’s hands, never again will we be lost.


by Wei Wei


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