We all Like the Dew of the Dawn.

Given Water of Life through blood and tears of our Elohim God.

As Heavenly Father and Mother’s glory always shines brilliantly upon each and every one of us.

Making us like stars in this dull and dreary world.

Warming our hearts and souls with Their tender love and grace.

Guiding us through the darkness, protecting us, until we are finally reunited with Them.


Written and Photographed by
Sunicia Halim, Singapore


Looking at the Singapore flag reminds me that the day on which we will gain independence of our Heavenly Kingdom is coming very soon. Even though Singapore is just a little red tiny dot on the world map, the route to achieving her independence was not easy. Without the sacrifices, tears, hope, perseverance, endurance, strong will, determination and the passion of the pioneers, Singapore would not be where she is today. Similarly, without the endless love and sacrifices of our Heavenly Father and Mother, we will not be able to regain our citizenship of the Kingdom of Heaven and live there forever. I truly thank Elohim God for saving my poor soul and I look forward to the day we will all go back home very soon.


Written and Photographed by
Alice Teo, Singapore


This photo was taken during my preaching mission in Pekanbaru, Indonesia.

This photo reminds me that, “We have a mother who always takes care of us and leads us to the correct way in life.”

Just like in this photo, the hen is guiding her little chicks and taking care of them.

I hope that through this photo, people in the world can realize that God the Mother exists and is leading us and taking care of us until we go back to the spiritual world where all human came from.

Written and Photographed by
Patrick Wong, Singapore


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All education will continue to be conducted online.

Let us do our part to adhere to the details of the measures and stay safe. Please be physically and spiritually healthy!