It” is rigid, and goes in one direction. Many say that if they were granted one wish, they would want to turn it back and do things differently. No matter how much money you have, how influential, or how powerful, you are no match against it nor can you control it. At times, you would wish for it to go faster, sometimes slower, or even wish it could stop at the blissful moment forever. Some people wish they have more of it. What is “it”? It is time.


William Shakespeare once said:

“Time is very slow for those who wait;
very fast for those who are scared;
very long for those who lament;
very short for those who celebrate;
but for those who love, time is eternal.”


We are sinners who have committed grievous sins against God in heaven. Let us make the most of our time on this earth, the city of refuge of our spirits. Today, what have you done with your precious time? Time, is in your hands.


In adherence to the Post-Circuit Breaker Phase One measures, the World Mission Society Church of God Education Centre will remain closed.

All education will continue to be conducted online.

Let us do our part to adhere to the details of the measures and stay safe. Please be physically and spiritually healthy!