Dear valued readers, please join us as we celebrate our huge milestone—our 100th post!!!  😀  As we reach this milestone, we would like to give you this post to bring you some special announcements.  😉

Subscription List for Newsletter

Keep your eyes on this corner as we are coming up with a brand-new newsletter! As you must have noticed, at the end of every post you can now subscribe to our new subscription list. For those who have subscribed to our old newsletter, you would have to subscribe again to this new one—as what is obsolete and aging will soon disappear. The old list will be replaced with the new, so please don’t forget to resubscribe!   🙂

Photo Enlightenment

We would like to hear and share your daily inspirations from Father and Mother in your life of faith! Send in your photo and realisations (max 100 words) to A picture speaks a thousand words and a little goes a long way. Your fragrance may help a brother or sister in their faith today, so please don’t be shy  😀

Verse Invitation

We would like to invite you to submit your favourite verse and the reason why you like the verse, so we can make a desktop and phone wallpaper for you! Please email it to and watch this space while it is being tailor-made, just for you.  😉


Some of us may be new here, so we will do a little introduction of what each category contains!

Chinese Website

We have launched our Chinese website! Visit it here at and show your never-ending support.  😛  Some articles are exclusive to the Chinese site, so please do remember to check both the English and Chinese website.

Once again, we would like to thank you, our dear readers, for supporting us and being with us through this journey. We love you!


In adherence to the Post-Circuit Breaker Phase One measures, the World Mission Society Church of God Education Centre will remain closed.

All education will continue to be conducted online.

Let us do our part to adhere to the details of the measures and stay safe. Please be physically and spiritually healthy!