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Tai Seng Cleanup Campaign 2017

Jul 3, 2017 | Activities, Environmental Protection

On May 21, 2017, volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God Singapore (SGWMSCOG) gathered together to conduct a Tai Seng cleanup campaign.

Tai Seng is classified as an industrial area where many factories and offices are located. In such a fast-paced society, people are often caught up in the stress of their everyday lives. They seldom have a chance to care for the environment. The SGWMSCOG recognises the importance of keeping the city clean and hopes to advocate for an active volunteerism spirit.

Early in the morning, volunteers donned in green vests gathered together to participate in the Tai Seng cleanup campaign. Filled with excitement, everyone was ready to do their part for the community. After a short briefing, the volunteers were divided into groups according to their age. From there, they set off to their designated areas to clean.

Despite the scorching heat followed by a short drizzle, the smiles never left the volunteers’ faces. In accordance with Christ’s teaching to be the salt and light of the world, the volunteers were eager to shine the glory of God through their good deeds

Tai Seng Cleanup Yields Great Results

Singapore prides itself as the “Garden City”. This is only possible through every individual’s hidden efforts to keep the city clean. As the volunteers started to pick up the trash, they realised the importance of each person’s role in contributing to the society.

Though Singapore is known to be a clean city, volunteers found a lot of neglected trash scattered on the streets. Cigarette butts, empty bottles, scrap metals and all sorts of trash were collected in the vicinity of Tai Seng. Through this cleanup, a total of 77 bags of trash were gathered.

“The event gave us a chance to shine the glory of Heavenly Father and Mother. It also served as a good opportunity to spend meaningful time together. During the cleanup, we met people from the neighborhood whom we usually don’t get to meet. It’s a nice feeling,” said Rachel Goh, 25, a volunteer.

With a mind to shine the glory of God and to give back to society, the SGWMSCOG plans to conduct more of such activities in the future, hoping that more people will join in their efforts to keep the city clean.

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  1. Simo

    So beautiful work! I think the strongest people are those who follow teachings of Heavenly Mother and change the world.

  2. peter

    It is good to see the brothers ans sisters of Zion in Singapore. It is the appearance that heavenly Father fathered mother. I have been to Zion in Singapore and I can see the familiar brothers ans sisters I met at that time.

    • peter

      Father testified mother -> Father and Mother

  3. Rina

    Just by looking at their bright smiles I can feel true happiness. I had been going to other churches, but I couldn’t feel this kind of comfort or happiness.

  4. Kenneth

    What is the complete address of Zion in Singapore? I want to lead my friend to Zion who is now there in Singapore..

  5. noeleden

    They look so happy~! 🙂 I think the street was cleaned like their smiles.

  6. Heather

    It is considered a rare sight to see so many young people devoting their time and efforts to protect the environment. It is even more rare to see such bright and beautiful smiles while carrying out such a energy and time consuming task.

    So far, for every volunteer activity, i can see the Church of God members wearing their signature bright smiles, showcasing how they really enjoyed showing love and care for their neighbors and society.

    They really do display the glory of God through each and every activity. ^ ^ Kudos for all the enthusiasm! Animo!!

  7. Cathy

    All of you did good job. It’s beautiful smile and good clean up activity for the neighbors.

  8. Elodie

    Beautiful deeds! Very nice. 🙂

  9. Mei Mei

    So cute even the babies are participating in the clean-up! 😍

  10. Morning dewy

    From the bright smiles of Church of God members, we can see the bright future of our society!

  11. :)

    It was a great day that we can get together to clean up part of Singapore. I hope to join more of these event!

  12. amelia

    Their good deed that represents the glory of Elohim God is so beautiful.

  13. lauren y

    good job for ur voluntary service !!

  14. lala

    第一次体会到劳动最光荣这句话 哈哈哈

  15. lauren y

    We need to see n take care of our surroundings

  16. prince shin

    great job guys! really proud of you! and i’m sure Heavenly Father and Mother will be as well 🙂 may you receive abundant blessings in heaven! 🙂 wmscog is the best church without a doubt!

  17. James Jang

    Is this the World Mission Society Church of God? I got impressed with their smiles. Now I have no religion because coverted myself to athiest. when i had been in RCC for 10 years, I couldn’t have assurance of my salvation. For example, they forced me to drink alcohol to celebrate my graduation. Personally, I couldn’t understand what they said. They told me that it’s okay to drink alcohol in church building. Anyway I think the role of the churches in the world is to make the world be united for preventing disputes between nations. haha, I have no plan to have any religion now and forever but keep up your good deed!!!!!!

  18. James

    With Mother’s love, the world will definitely be a better place. Look at the joyfulness during the cleanup. Good job world mission society church of God Singapore (wmscog)!

  19. Anonymous

    All the bright smiles while cleaning. Interesting church.

  20. Beautiful mind

    Wow ~ How beautiful!! ❤️Keep up the good work!

  21. smallsheep

    I have never participated in such a joyful clean up in my life! Thanks to God, all the members contributed to this effort with love<3

  22. samikim

    Beautiful angels who show the glory of Elohim God in the whole world. My brothers and sisters, I love you~ ^^

  23. MM


  24. gfm

    Children of God do as the example of God the Mother.

  25. Smile :)

    Wow a job well done by the World Mission Society Church of God!

  26. Elena

    What a beautiful deed it is! They look more beautiful in this individual societynot concerning about others.
    Their smile looks like an real angel!

  27. GraceKim

    Good Job all of yoy and thank you for you efforts🤗🤗

  28. GX

    It’s rare to see people, especially youths willing to do volunteer services. Climate problems are real and I’m glad our younger generation is taking the first step to making a change! Well done! 🙂

  29. S.J

    This campaign is held all over the world by members of WMSCOG because of God the Mother’s teachings. To share love and to help people, are teachings of Elohim God as well. I feel very proud of members of WMSCOG as children of Elohim God in the Bible. Thanks to God the Father and God the Mother. We love you♥

  30. anika fallon

    It seems that WMSCOG is the place where it is full of love and warmth for the neighbors throughout the world. Very good!

  31. Heavenly Prince

    There is no doubt that World Mission Society Church Of God is the only Church that does as Christ teaches; to be the salt and light of the world.

  32. lovelysongsong

    only church of God can do that because they do this with mother’ heart

  33. jessica881656

    bright smiles are very beautiful!!!!!

  34. olysarang

    How can all the church members be so bright and energetic? I was depressed with various terrorist and disaster news from around the world, however it is warm to see the church members who care and serve their neighbors.

  35. kellyoonivers

    Their purpose is so cool. Because their volunteer services is not for their own benefit, but to shine the glory of God.

  36. BP

    Thank you for your great effort! I believe the Church of God is a leading voluntary service organisation in Singapore. Good job!


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