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Nation’s Jubilee 2015 Cleanup Campaign

Sep 27, 2016 | Activities, Environmental Protection

On  Aug 9, 2015, Singapore celebrated its most anticipated 50th National Day. For Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, government officials and event planners spent a tremendous amount of effort in making this a very special day for Singapore. The National Day Parade has “Majulah Singapura” as its theme, which means “Onward Singapore” in Malay. The phrase “Majulah Singapura” is also the name of the National Anthem. The main celebration was held at The Padang, which can hold a capacity of approximately 25,000 people. About 200,000 other spectators gathered around the proximity of the main stage and seven other celebratory sites around the area of Marina Bay.

The members of the World Mission Society Church of God Singapore (SGWMSCOG),  wanted to contribute to this celebration by volunteering to clean up the event sites. Partnering with the Public Hygiene Council, a total of 162 SGWMSCOG volunteers, gathered at Marina Bay Sands to kick start the campaign. Equipped with trash bags, gloves and thongs, they were divided into several groups and were dispersed to all the celebratory sites. Groups of nine members were stationed at a few checkpoints to help clear up the trash that were left behind by the audience.

World Mission Society Church of God Singapore

World Mission Society Church of God Singapore volunteers gathered more than 200kg of litters along Science Art Museum

“Although I am not a Singaporean, I wanted to be a part of Singapore’s Jubilee. To be able to celebrate Singapore’s National Day with my Singaporean friends, and to participate in this clean up is very meaningful to me. I even got the chance to see fireworks today!” exclaimed Cyrus Ting, Malaysian, 24,  participating in the National Day Parade for the first time.

Upon seeing the volunteers clad in white with the logo “#KeepSGclean”, members of the public were encouraged and reciprocated by approaching the volunteers to dispose their rubbish in the trash bags. The act of kindness created a meaningful National Day celebration for everyone.

World Mission Society Church of God Singapore

20 volunteers from World Mission Society Church of God Singapore volunteers overjoyed after clearing up all the rubbish left behind at The Promontory after National Day Parade

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  1. erica

    wow. we love u. thanks to father and mother.

  2. Dennis

    Wonderful WMSCOG! They always show good deeds at small or big event.

  3. diana

    Thanks to god the father and mother 😀

  4. mary

    Wow God bless you !

  5. Jess

    God bless you all 🙂

  6. csara

    I got to laugh a lot with the church members. God bless them

  7. remington

    A clean mind, a clean life~!! You guys did a great job!

  8. Kevin

    WMSCOG is spreading love of Mother!

  9. noeleden

    God bless you. I am proud of my members!
    Your actions will change Singapore!

  10. gfm

    Thanks to God!!

  11. Kim.

    I heard this cleanup campaign is projected under the teaching of God the Mother. I heartly thank you for your instruction.

    • Steffi

      Yes, it is through the teaching of God the Mother that we are doing to volunteer activity.
      God the Mother teaches us to ‘Give Love’ & ‘Server Others’ ^^
      This is really a meaningful event. Not only we feel rewarded by doing good deeds, we are helping the nation as well though it’s small, it’s a very fruitful event!

  12. Smiley Lime

    Well done! Thank you for all of you 🙂

  13. Kima

    Thank you for volunteer works of WMSCOG around our community. God bless you ^^

  14. Christine

    WMSCOG. You are the very light of God and hope of this dark world!

  15. Saphire

    Bravo World Mission Society Church of God!

  16. Leo

    While everyone is there enjoying and celebrating for Singapore’s Jubilee, you guys celebrated it with sweat and hardship. The true Singaporeans who really loves the nation. The true Singaporeans who upholds the beliefs and duty of making Singapore a clean and green nation. I salute all of you volunteers for your great effort.

  17. Pearl

    Clean up campaigns like this have been done by the WMSCOG worldwide for years in over 2500 regions in 175 countries.

    By participating in such campaigns by the church, we become more conscious and grateful of the ladies and gentlemen who clean up after our streets every day and after such massive national events to enable us the “clean and green” reputation of Singapore today. It was a humbling experience that everyone should have and also helped to set an example that many do not consider about during national festivals/events.

    Thanks to God for first coming as the light to purify the world!

  18. Omoni'slittlestar

    Wonderful Church of God !

    Truly practice the teachings of the Bible !

    棒棒哒 ❤

  19. Yanqi

    Wow it is amazing to see the youth of the World Mission Society Church of God participating in these activities. To be able to see the World Mission Society Church Of God contributing to Society, thats truly an amazing observation.^^
    Good Job ! 😄

  20. Ren

    Good Job ! Church of God

  21. Heather

    Through this cleanup, I felt a sense of patriotism. I was glad that I was not only able to be a good citizen by taking care of the environment, I was able to display God’s glory as a Christian! I truly give thanks to God for allowing me to have this chance to do good deed.

    I do hope the World Mission Society, Church of God will organise more of such events in the future. I will definitely be part of it.

    What a great way to celebrate our Nation’s golden Jubilee year!

  22. 강

    To be doing it on the Jubilee Year of Singapore.. I think this is really what Singapore wants and needs. Keep up the good work!! And really thank ü for the tireless efforts!!

  23. Smiles

    There is so much fun during the cleanup. I thought the cleanup will be tiring but however it was totally different from my thoughts. I got to laugh alot with the church members. What a great and unforgettable day! 🙂

  24. Justin Izda

    What a great way to celebrate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee and displaying Father and Mother’s Glory! It is truly a very special day to me. 😎

    • Patrick Wong

      So do i ! I felt the same way when i know that i get to clean up for Singapore !

  25. Smiles

    Was really happy to particpate in the cleanup. Hope that we have more people to particpate together to keep Singapore to be a greener place 🙂

    • simyl

      Yes hope more people can join us! Although it seemed impossible at first, but with unity it was so amazing to clean the whole field with everyone with so much joy!😆 The clean-ups are always a time to share love with members, realise love and give love!❤️

  26. Star

    Really thank you all for making so much effort to make Singapore a better place^^ let’s shine Father Mother’s glory by having more clean up events^^

  27. Zhuli

    Sincerely give thanks to Father and Mother that we can be the one to contribute in the efforts to celebrate Singapore Year of Jubilee and make the National Day parade a success! At the same time we displayed the glory of Elohim God!

  28. Fiona-Ai


  29. Lim

    Good job that Church of God has done with many young active people. Keep up the good work

  30. GX

    So glad to be part of the cleanup campaign! I hope there will be more of such activities to shine the glory of Elohim God!

  31. Hazel

    It was really an unforgettable experience cleaning up Singapore on Jubilee, Singapore 50th national birthday. Really glad to have taken part in this volunteer activity with the World Mission Society Church of God members.

  32. Tan

    Thank you World Mission Society Church of God for playing a part in Singapore’s Jubilee.

  33. Jewel

    Wow! Fantastic job by the World Mission Society Church of God. Thumbs up.

  34. Jay

    Not only we are able to celebrate the Nation’s birthday day but to be able to contribute to our nation by holding this cleanup campaign! It feels good to do good! All thanks to the teachings of our Elohim God to love our nation through our actions!

  35. Joyful Angel

    Too bad I missed this National Day clean up, I hope there will be another chance to clean up on National Day. It is quite normal to see tonnes of rubbish left over after the event ended, it is great idea that Singapore GOV allowed our church to participate in this clean up. A way for WMSCOG to return to our beautiful country! Through our participation we are able to spread Christ teaching to shine our good deeds so people may praise our Father in Heaven 👍 ånimö! 💞

  36. Kate

    It was such a wonderful experience! Thumbs up! 👍🏻 Thanks to our Heavenly Mother who taught us to share love to our neighbors! Let’s inspire more people to clean up & conserve our environment! I hope to participate in this clean up again!

  37. Stranger

    Keep up the good work and really Thank you for inviting me… That day was one of unforgettable days of my life for over 10 years in Singapore.

  38. Stars

    Thanks to Father and Mother, we get to shine Their glory by cleaning and at the same time see fire works 🎆

  39. Xiaoran

    It’s very meaningful for us to participate this event.Thanks to Father And Mother give us the chance to clean campaign on Singapore Jubilee national day so that we can glorify Father and Mother!

  40. Patrick Wong

    Through the clean-up, I realised the meaning of performing as a salt and light of the world as a children of God!

  41. smileysmiley

    Thanks to Father and Mother for allowing us to participate in Singapore’s national day clean up to shine Their glory!!! All power and will comes from Father and Mother 😄

  42. Sheena

    This is a truly meaningful way to celebrate National Day. I give thanks to God our Father and Mother for allowing us to take part in this event, so that we could glorify God through our little efforts!

    • Joyful Angel

      WMSCOG 👍😊👍


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