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“Batu Pahat” means chiselled rock in Malay. The name has its origins traced back to a local belief that Siamese troops were chiselling rocks in search of fresh water at a nearby coastal village before their siege of Malacca. From 12-16 November 2017, members from World Mission Society Church of God Singapore and Malaysia – Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur, came together for a short term mission trip and set up camp in Batu Pahat. Despite coming from different nationalities and having different backgrounds, the team was united with the resolution to deliver the word of God to Batu Pahat.


World Mission Society Church of God

The weather feels much hotter compared to Singapore and shelters were uncommon. However, this cannot be compared to the circumstances that God endured in order to seek and save His people on this earth. There were very few people walking on the streets as most of the locals travel around in vehicles. Instead of preaching to passersby on the streets, we preached from door to door. The locals were usually cautious when meeting strangers. However, we relied on God and followed His will to preach, believing that God will open their hearts, just as He opened Lydia’s heart during the time when the apostles preached the gospel (Acts 16:13-15).

We realized that Jesus’ new name (Revelation 3:12) was a key to open the hearts of people from the following episode: A local member had been studying the bible with another organization for a period of time and she did not show much interest in what we shared initially. However, when we preached the good news that the Second Coming Christ had came with a new name, she wanted to know more about it. As her heart was opened to the word of God, we were even able to meet her twice to study the Bible.

Although we were together for only a short span of five days, we worked in unison and were able to realize God’s great love and power. God never forsook us and were always with us. Looking forward to our reunion in heaven, we will continue to preach the gospel to seven billion people in this global village (Matthew 24:14)!

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