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Singapore-Malaysia Joint Cleanup Campaign 2012

Oct 18, 2016 | Environmental Protection

The 1542nd Worldwide Environmental Cleanup Campaign for the Passover was the first joint cleanup event conducted by the World Mission Society Church of God Singapore (SGWMSCOG) and Malaysia. About 150 countries participated in this cleanup campaign in their respective countries. The cleanup took place on April 29, 2012, at Malacca, Malaysia.

A total of 380 volunteers, 110 from the SGWMSCOG and 270 from Malaysia participated in this cleanup event. Volunteers from SGWMSCOG arrived at Malacca at 10 a.m. after a five-hour journey via a chartered bus.

World Mission Society Church of God Singapore Volunteers

Volunteers from World Mission Society Church of God Singapore and Malaysia collected 300kg of rubbish within 3 hours

The volunteers were divided into five groups and actively cleared the rubbish along the roads, abandoned houses, housing estate, car parks, drains, and shop-houses. Armed with trash bags, gloves and tongs, it was a surprising sight for locals to witness a huge crowd clearing up litter on their streets. Regardless of culture or race, members of the SGWMSCOG and World Mission Society Church of God Malaysia worked together in unity to make Malacca clean and beautiful.

“I found it extraordinary that the volunteers from the two countries were able to work together in unity for this cleanup campaign despite their culture or race. I had a great time cleaning and knowing brothers and sisters from the Malaysia branch. While cleaning, they even introduced to us Malacca’s rich history! I am looking forward to the next combined cleanup. I absolutely had a wonderful time today,” said Connie Yong, a participant from the SGWMSCOG, 28.

After the cleanup, volunteers were treated to Malaysia’s famous chicken rice ball. The mayor of Malacca treated volunteers from SGWMSCOG to a 45 minute Melaka river cruise as a gesture of goodwill and appreciation for their efforts. For all the participants, it was a delightful and unforgettable event.

In an effort to make our world a better place, many branches of the church regularly holds worldwide cleanup campaigns throughout the entire year. While maintaining environmental cleanliness, the event has truly united people from various backgrounds and will continue to do so in the days to come.

News Article of Media Coverage on the Cleanup

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  1. caleb

    It seems very good volunteer and myself also want to participate if there is a chance one day.

  2. Steffi

    Wow! The World Mission Society Church of God members are truly united!
    They even travelled across the border to share God the Mother’s love by cleaning the neighbourhood!
    Great job everyone!!!

  3. :)

    That’s a great effort to help to clean up 🙂 Even though is tiring, so great to hear that we an be united during the cleanup. I hope that in future i can be part of this !

  4. simyl

    What is the reason all members around the world are so joyful when they gather for clean-ups?😊

    It is because our Mother has taught us to care for this world💖

  5. M.J

    Church of God makes whole world as one by practicing God’s teachings. It is very exemplary chruch.

  6. sarah5267

    Oh… I did cleanup campaign in Malacca some years ago when I went short time mission. This article is so impressive and so glad for me. I miss all member of Malacca zion in Malaysia. Saya cintakan mu♡

  7. Jasmin

    It’s worldwide cleanup campaign of World Mission Society Church of God. I am happy to hear this touchable story.

  8. GraceKim

    It was really great work! God bless you all brothers and sisters 🙂

  9. J.July

    Thanks you so much!!
    We love you😆

  10. Claudia

    All of the members are smiling even after they did hard work. Very touched.

  11. noeleden

    Good association!
    I am proud of you:)

  12. Melly

    It looks good to unite the two countries through this volunteer work. Their selfless activities can be make the clean world!!

  13. Erica

    Amen. It’s beautiful the members are united. I wanna share God’s love until go back kingdom of heaven.

  14. Jane

    I think we need many good activities like this . Very nice activity and group.

  15. Dennis

    All the members of WMSCOG look beautiful! They spread the glory of Elohim God by good deeds.

  16. linda

    Wow~ nice work! You’ve been working hard. Two thumbs up!

  17. Stella

    Mother’s love♥ I am really proud of being a member of WMSCOG. Thanks to Heavenly Father and Mother.

  18. margo

    How can so many people gether to clean the city!! Where is their unity from? So beautiful.

  19. Sarah love

    It’s a marvelous event!! The members of Wolrd Mission Society Church of God from two nations worked together in unity according to God’s teaching. All of you surely pleased God the Father and God the Mother. Thank you all and send sincere appreciation and regards to you. 😀

  20. Katie

    So great work! Animo😊

  21. Eden

    Beautiful smile! Beautiful people! The members of the WMSCOG, they not only clean up physical places we live but also shine the light to this spiritually dark world.

  22. szaz

    Wherever we are, our brothers and sisters are doing the same things for the benefit of their communities, which shows that we, members of the Church of God are of one mind and heart, that is, Mother’s love.

  23. diana

    We are more unity each other through good deeds. It looks happy and pleasure. Thanks to Elohim god.

  24. Gracey

    Many people, even from different places, having one mind to help others. This is so amazing. Only the Church of God can do this because we all follow the same God; Elohim God. Hope the place is cleaned up and freshend to all people.

  25. Jess

    Amen. It’s wonderful to see the WMSCOG members trying to make world a better place!

  26. Lucy

    Great work! Members share good deeds to enlighten the world. They are light and the salt of the world. God bless you!

  27. Risa

    Their efforts are so shine ! wonderful 🙂 God bless you !

  28. onlygodfmfm

    Let’s spread Mother’s love!

  29. Kevin

    Good deeds which are being performed by WMSCOG is really wonderful!!

  30. Elena

    I think that one of the most beautiful things in this world is to do somethings to help others.
    Very proud of the members from the Chirch of God to do this . Awesome!

  31. remington

    Because our Heavenly Mother always love us unconditionally, it seems that the members of WMSCOG all get along well in our Heavenly Mother.

  32. erica

    I can feel the God’s glory. I want God to receive all glory.

  33. Cathy

    I’m so impressed by Singapore and Malaysia’s clean-up campaign in unity. It’s amazing and beautiful!!! Wonderful WMSCOG!!!

  34. Patrick Wong

    It’s amazing to see Members from the World Mission Society Church of God from Singapore and Malaysia doing volunteering work together as one! It’s truly beautiful!

  35. smileysmiley

    Members from WMSCOG are setting a good example for society by doing volunteer activities such as these. Truly, it is a meaningful event to shine God’s glory. I hope there will be many events like this in the future😊


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