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Mother’s Street Clean-Up Campaign

Dec 18, 2017 | Environmental Protection

In the early morning of Nov 26, 2017, around 130 volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God (SGWMSCOG) gathered at Telok Ayer Street for a clean-up event. This Worldwide Environment Clean-Up Campaign was simultaneously carried out in the whole world covering the earth’s circumference of approximately 40,000 km.

World Mission Society Church of God Singapore

Volunteers picking up bottle caps stuck in the mud

World Mission Society Church of God Singapore

Working in unity, volunteers picked up litter hard to reach by cleaners

Stretching from Telok Ayer Station to Chinatown Station, it was designated as Mother’s Street in Singapore. This street covers Singapore’s tourist sites of Chinatown, shophouses, and flats. Prepped with gloves, tongs and trash bags, the volunteers arrived early in the morning at the clean-up site. They were all excited to make the street warm and peaceful like a mother’s embrace. There was a variety of trash and debris such as beer bottle caps and cigarette butts. Volunteers diligently picked up trash in areas that were overlooked, such as beer bottle caps buried within the bushes and mud.

World Mission Society Church of God Singapore

“I believe service to mankind is service to God. You guys made the effort to pick up the trash and this is definitely appreciated by all religions. This is much more valuable than donating money,” commented Amala, 63, a passerby who chanced upon the clean-up.

World Mission Society Church of God Singapore

Volunteers proudly displaying the trash they collected along the Telok Ayer pedestrian walkway

World Mission Society Church of God Singapore

Youth volunteers diligently picking up wet cartons, cigarette litter, and bottle caps

“It was a different experience from previous clean-ups. This time, rather than cleaning beaches or national events, we had the opportunity to go into the city area and neighbourhoods. I could see that many onlookers were pleasantly surprised when they saw us. Perhaps they did not expect any organization to clean this area. I felt more motivated to do this clean-up.” said Erwin, 22, a volunteer for the clean-up.

Members from the WMSCOG throughout the whole world will be carrying out clean-up movements continuously on Mother’s Street in the future. They strive to make the global village clean with the love of Mother.

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  1. Serena

    Amazing volunteer services that WMSCOG organizes! No wonder the PHC Appreciation Award is given ^^ Truly give thanks to God!

  2. Claudia

    I was reminded of the saying of Jesus that “A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him” when I saw the good deeds of WMSCOG’s members through this article. Really awesome!

  3. Jen

    How Beautiful !! It is good to see that serve as God taught. God Bless You all !!

  4. Stacy

    The purpose of the Campaign is spreading the love of Mother with this Mother’s Street Cleanup. Soon, Mother’s love will be spread all around the world.

  5. Nenita

    How awesome!! I hope every activity of the members of WMSCOG makes people feel happy and grateful and realize God’s love. Mother’s Street Cleanup Campaign also makes the whole world a better place.

  6. Steve

    Look at those beautiful people! They are truly practicing the love of God! 🙂

  7. Mel B

    I heard many ppl saying ” if many young ppl in the world are like the Church of God volunteers, there will be no problem” I agree 🙂

  8. Dennis

    So beautiful! Their beautiful deeds have Heavenly Mother’s love and make the society bright!

  9. Lina

    Nice work ! God bless you !

  10. Sara

    So proud of our members who try their best to honor elohim god!

  11. Jane

    WMSCOG members have been changed by God the Father and God the Mother’s love. So they are willing to deliver God’s love to their communities, since they also experienced God’s love.

  12. Remington

    Wow~ I did not realize people wearing yellow vests would be so cool!
    Their bright and beautiful smiles seem to make the world cleaner and cheerful!
    I am so proud of you guys~!! Animo!!!

  13. Dawn

    It’s so amazing job! I was very touched that many young members were trying to make Singapore better place and can see you guys are putting much efforts and sharing your love with warm smiles.. I know you church of God members are always practicing the words ‘Love your neighbors as yourself’. God is surly pleased with your beautiful work! Thank you!

  14. Rosina

    Let’s purify the world with Heavenly mother’s love!

  15. noeleden

    I am happy that my brothers and sisters did a good work for Heavenly mother.

  16. Stefan

    They look happy to spread God’s love. It’s very good for young people to gather to clean up streets. May God bless you all.

  17. Clementine

    It’s a great work!! All the members of WMSCOG in the whole world are enthusiastically joining this clean-up campaign named ‘Mother’s Street’. They’re gladly participating in the campaign with the hope of glorifying Elohim God. Very achieving and wonderful!!

  18. night flight

    Mother’s street clean up have been done in each Chruch of God of whole world. I am so proud as a participant of this volunteer work. Picking up small litter is little work, but it has a power to change the world. The Church of God show that possibility.

    • szaz

      Well said! I think that we can change the world for the better with a little effort since our clean up campaign will be continued by the love of Heavenly Mother..

  19. smallsheep

    Looking back on how members put all their heart into every small effort inspires me to do everything with love, joy and thanksgiving~

  20. Patrick

    It’s a beautiful day where people of the World Mission Society Church Of God gather together to clean up places where people neglected!
    Kudos to the effort done by the young and energetic members of World Mission Society Church Of God!

  21. Erica

    Mother’s love makes us change to the nature of God. Really that is incredible. Mother’s love is great.

    • Lucy

      No one can measure the depth of Heavenly Parent’s great love!

  22. heAtHeR

    Even though there are so many cleaners being hired to clean these neighbourhoods, there must be places where it’s inaccessible and negligible.
    It heartening to see these members from Church of God helping out without asking for anything in return.
    Judging from all the past articles, you guys have been engaging in so many cleanups just this year alone! Surely you guys are motivated by the teachings of Mother and are putting it into practice.
    Keep up the good work in year 2018!!

    • Curiel

      I hope that the world feel Heavenly Mother’s deep love toward them. If we do so, then, we will surely reach heavenly home where we had lived with happiness.

  23. Oy

    This is a meaningful Sunday. Cleaning the street , shine the glory of Elohim God!

    #wmscog #cleanup #Chinatown #telokayer

  24. Serena

    It’s nice to see the members of WMSCOG using their time wisely to contribute to the cleanliness of environment in Singapore 😄

  25. GX

    Nice! Members spending their time meaningfully. Members of the public also get to know the things WMSCOG do. Great job! 🙂


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