Most believers of Christ are familiar with the bread and wine taken by Jesus and His disciples during the Last Supper. These days too, they partake in the bread and wine during the ‘holy communion’ which they celebrate as often as the tradition of each church dictates. However, the Last Supper was biblically recorded as the Passover instead (Luke 22:7-8). The Passover was also appointed to be kept on the fourteenth day of the first month at twilight, according to the Nisan calendar (Leviticus 23:4-5). With the hope to share this precious truth, the World Mission Society Church of God Singapore (SGWMSCOG) held a Bible Seminar titled “Heaven and Passover”.

The Bible Seminar commenced with a chorale performance, titled “In Our Image”. With references from Genesis 1:26-27 and Revelation 22:17, the lyrics sought to deliver the truth that there is not just one God, but two. The dual Gods are God the Father and Mother who created mankind according to their own image and likeness—male and female respectively. In this last age, God the Father and Mother appear as the Spirit and the Bride to grant eternal life to mankind (Revelation 22:17).

While it is almost instinctive to associate Christmas with Christianity, neither Christmas nor the celebration of the birth of Christ can be found in the Bible. Despite the Passover festival being emphasised through the old and new testaments (Exodus 12:10-14, Matthew 26:17-19), it seems that not one among the audience had heard about the Passover. Jesus eagerly desired to eat the New Covenant Passover with His disciples before He suffered on the cross. Jesus made his will known to them that the Passover ceremony be the way to receive His flesh and His blood for the blessings of eternal life (Luke 22:15, John 6:53-54). By observing the Passover, we are able to receive eternal life, then return to our eternal home, heaven (Revelation 21:4).

“It is my second time attending the Bible Seminar organized by the Church of God, I now have a better understanding of the New Covenant Passover. I felt that the presenters gave a good explanation on the topic. The Passover gives me the blessings of eternal life and I look forward to keep the Passover this year,” commented Ming Xia, 48, an invited guest.

Xiaomeng, an invited friend said “I heard about the Passover from my friend who attends the church of God and through today’s seminar I understood the blessings contained in the Passover when we follow its regulations according to the Bible. I look forward to studying the Bible at the Church of God”.

According to the Korean Times published on 28th February 2019, the WMSCOG is the only Church in the world that observes the Passover according to the regulations of the Bible. As the Passover is drawing near, the World Mission Society Church of God sincerely extends the invitation to observe this holy feast to receive much blessings from God!



In adherence to the Post-Circuit Breaker Phase One measures, the World Mission Society Church of God Education Centre will remain closed.

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