Hoping to share the prophecies of the Bible, the university students of the World Mission Society Church of God Singapore (SGWMSCOG) held a Bible Seminar on Feb 19, 2017 under the title, “The Prophecy of Daniel and the History of Europe”.

World Mission Society Church of God Singapore

Even though most people regard the Bible as a history book or even a storybook, it is actually filled with prophecies of which the fulfillment can be seen throughout history. Among them, the prophecy in the Book of Daniel clearly predicted the rise and fall of nations in Europe.

The church members invited their friends, families and acquaintances to the seminar, and over 60 guests who were keen to understand more about the relevance of the Biblical prophecies to their lives turned up for the event. The seminar began with a short introduction video of the church, showcasing its volunteer services, achievements and awards. The members of the audience were impressed with the church’s activities, as seen from their nods of approval during the video.

World Mission Society Church of God Singapore

Thereafter, the presenters took them through the presentation, explaining the secret behind the book of Daniel—a prophecy about the rise and fall of the ancient European kingdoms. The audience, being captivated by the astonishing revelation, gave their full attention to find out the truth of the Bible and God’s will contained in the prophecy.

To complete the picture, the presenters also explained why the history of Europe was prophesied in the Bible. It was to expose the identity of the anti-Christ who was to appear during this period, and who was prophesied to stand against God by changing the laws and feasts of God such as the Sabbath day and the Passover. Seeing how precisely the prophecies in the Bible have been fulfilling in history, many members of the audience were surprised and listened attentively.

World Mission Society Church of God Singapore

The seminar ended with a short Q&A session during which the emcees quizzed the audience based on the presentation.

Many participants also expressed their enthusiasm to learn more about the biblical prophecies and stayed after the seminar to study the Bible.

They had their burning questions answered while enjoying delicious refreshments prepared by the university students. Some also showed their interests to visit the church again to continue studying the Bible.

The seminar was well-received by the audience, which comprised of members of a range of religious backgrounds.

Jessica Yu, 28, a participant of the seminar who learned about the prophecy of Daniel for the first time, commented that it was “well-presented and easy to understand”.

Patrick Wong, 26, commented, “It was a very informative and content-rich event. Though I have been a Christian all this while, I did not know that so many truths in Christianity have been changed. It was mind-blowing but undeniable.”

On top of that, he also added that it was the third time he attended a Bible seminar organised by the SGWMSCOG. He complimented the quality and efforts the members put forth in preparing such educational events, and expressed his interest in attending more seminars organised by the Church of God in the future.

World Mission Society Church of God Singapore

With the hope of spreading the gospel to 7 billion people in the global village, the SGWMSCOG will continue to host similar events to deliver the words of life to people who are keen to learn the words of God.


In adherence to the Post-Circuit Breaker Phase One measures, the World Mission Society Church of God Education Centre will remain closed.

All education will continue to be conducted online.

Let us do our part to adhere to the details of the measures and stay safe. Please be physically and spiritually healthy!