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Clean Campus Starts from Me—ASEZ: Save the Earth from A to Z

Feb 3, 2017 | Activities, Environmental Protection

University students from World Mission Society Church of God Singapore (SGWMSCOG) collaborated with ASEZ, an international volunteer group consisting of university and college students around the world, and took the initiative in cleaning the campus of National University of Singapore (NUS) on Jan 13, 2017.

At 9 in the morning, the volunteers gathered at the designated cleaning areas which included UTown, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science, School of Medicine, Yusof Ishak House, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, as well as the open field, and started picking up trash in groups.

World Mission Society Church of God Singapore

ASEZ volunteer picking litter around the campus in bright sunny day

“Thanks to the constant effort of the cleaners, NUS is usually very clean. However, there are still some spots which tend to be overlooked. It’s good that we have this opportunity to clean those areas too,” said 20-year-old Lydia Teh, an NUS student who participated in the event, “I love NUS, it’s beautiful and homely. We want to keep it clean always.”

The purpose of this campaign is not only cleaning the school but to help the students realise their responsibility to take good care of the campus as a student as well. “Saving the earth is not something that only organisations like the UN can do, but a responsibility granted to each and every individual who are living on this earth,” said Samuel E, 21, a student of NUS and an organizer of the event.

What is ASEZ?

ASEZ, which is the acronym for “Saving the Earth from A to Z”, is an organisation which hopes to bring love and help to wherever is needed, abiding by the motto, ‘Mother Is Love’. In this world where problems such as natural disasters, wars and crises are rampant, ASEZ believes that all problems can be solved when each of us takes care of the earth with the love of mother—which is the greatest love of all and the solution to all problems.

Wishing that the world would be changed through the efforts of the youth, the SGWMSCOG will continue to work in collaboration with ASEZ in carrying out voluntary works in the future and share the love of God the Mother with everyone living in this global village.

World Mission Society Church of God Singapore

ASEZ Cleanup Green Campus Cleanup at National University of Singapore

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    Thank you for taking time off your busy schedules to do this wonderful thing. God bless you!

  2. Heather

    I am sure many students are busy with their assignments, examinations and projects during their semester. However, these university students actually took time out of their busy schedule to clean up the campus.
    Instead of just thinking that someone else will do the job of cleaning up, they took the initiative to organize such a meaningful activity.
    I really feel they are setting a good example for fellow students. Good Job!

  3. Anonymous

    Church of God is where love of God blossoms. Thanks to Father and Mother.

  4. Steffi

    Wow! Mother’s love. Just as mothers always ensure the house is clean so the children can live comfortably!
    ASEZ follow Heavenly Mother who want to save the whole world!
    Great job ASEZ!!!

  5. Peter Park

    Nowadays all the people just live in their own life. Especially university students are really hard to pay attention to volunteer service. But I’m so touch through this article.
    They have good behavior. And they want to save the soul who is lost in heaven. Just like Jesus did in 2,000 years ago. So amazing WMSCOG.

  6. Peach Taylor

    The activities of the youths of WMSCOG are very meaningful. Their good deeds inspire the all youths. The youths are our future and they can change the better world.

  7. We❤️U

    Wonderful members of WMSCOG! 👍 Keep up the good work!

  8. Dennis

    It seems that Youth members of the WMSCOG are a good example for the university students!

  9. morris

    They are the best in the world!!

  10. Judy

    So nice to see members of church of God cleaning! You really did a good job!

  11. csara

    I want to be like them!! Now, they became a symbol of love in the world.:D

  12. noeleden

    Good students! Its activity makes the world clean!

  13. Jonah

    Is so good to see the environment is becoming cleaner after all the work done.

  14. Ellena

    I am very glad to see that nowadays University students also taking the lead to make this world a better place, I am truly very moved. Keep up the good work!

  15. Mogu

    Wow, what a meaningful event~! I hope to join too 🙂

  16. Visitor

    It is a wonderful thing to see young people being keen on such volunteer work under the hot weather.
    Hope your church continue doing good things in Singapore !
    All the best !

  17. diana

    Great news! These days we always listen to badly news through the press. But this article is very good news!

  18. canes

    wow it’s so awesome 🙂

  19. Sarah love

    Wow!! Great works for saving the earth!! Feel sure that all problems will be solved with Mother’s love.

  20. Xiaoran

    It’s a very meaningful event to clean Singapore starts from me,I hope I can participate such event next time!

  21. carey

    Those are teachings of God the Mother. We follow the love of our Mother. Thanks to God the Father and Mother.

  22. Nice

    The world surely can be a beautiful place with more effort of volunteering service such as the youth of Church of God did!

  23. GX

    Good job and well done! Where the members of WMSCOG are, we can be assured the place is clean and bright and full of smiles! 🙂

  24. smileysmiley

    The ASEZ volunteer activity is so amazing!!! May all brothers and sisters who participate in it be blessed abundantly by God Elohim☺️

  25. Beautiful mind

    So nice job👍 I want to join ASEZ volunteer work together!

  26. BB

    Wow~ wonderful ASEZ! I hope that my school students also have such a beautiful heart and keep clean our campus as well~ Haha 😉

  27. Linda

    WMSCOG take the lead in various volunteering work:) So beautiful!

  28. cyrus

    Great! I think environmental cleanup is very important for us.

  29. Wendy

    They know ‘a to z’ how to save the world.
    ASEZ.. Thanks for the clean world.

  30. Sandros

    Good thing! Members of the WMSCOG are shining Elohim God’s glory in their situations.

  31. James

    Nice! wmscog is the best!

  32. Lindsy

    The World become better place by WMSCOG members!

  33. Ryan

    How beautiful and sincere their hands are! Youth of World Mission Society Church of God..

  34. sycamore_tree

    Woah..Church of God members even cleaned the campus.. Please keep up this work!

  35. Erica

    Wow. It’s good.

  36. :)

    I was really happy to particpate in the event and saw many of us being enthusiastic to take care in this cleaning up 🙂 I hope each indivdually can be a part in cleaning up this earth, even in Singapore! 🙂

  37. ♥️美好♥️


  38. kellyoonivers

    The constant effort of ASEZ makes the campus clean and their motto, Mother’s Love is so impressed.

  39. granny

    great job seeing these group of youngsters being so selfless. 👍🏼 thumbs up!

  40. Lindsy

    Let’s save the earth by the power of Heavenly Mother’s Love!

  41. Maricel

    It’s really good to see them!! Even though they are busy studying in school to get good grades they are doing volunteers with whole heart. Keep up doing good works!

  42. Cathy

    It’s Great!!! ASEZ is the wonderful volunteer group of university students. You did God Job~~~

  43. Erica

    Wow. Great.

  44. C.L

    I like the meaning of ASEZ. As I am a student, I know how busy uni students are. So I really want to applaud their effort.

  45. crystal

    Great job!! I think that ASEZ can do these activities and have thinking of idea like them because they has a motto, ‘Mother Is Love’.

  46. Eden

    Hope the glory of Elohim God shone brightly through the ASEZ brothers and sisters in the world. I, too, will participate in the work with prayer and anything I can do. Thanks to Father and Mother 🙂

  47. Stella

    I feel proud of you who practice teachings of Elohim God. It is our duty to spread the love of God the Mother all aroud the world.🙌💖

  48. Angel

    Wow! 😃 Youth from CHURCH OF GOD is so lovely. Unity among the youth following their faith in God is decreasing. I am so comforted and pleased to see there is still such volunteer work arranged in University. Church Of God, Well done 👍❤ Please organised more f such activity so our youth will be beautiful from within.

  49. Patrick Wong

    I felt joyful that I am able to take part in the clean up event. As part of the participant, I felt that I am contributing to the nation as well as take part in contributing to the society. I would love to take part in more of these activities in the future!


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