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#WeAreSingapore—53rd National Day Parade (NDP)

Sep 7, 2018 | Activities, Environmental Protection

On the 9th of August, 2018, was the 53rd year of Singapore’s independence since 1965. The whole nation got together on this day to celebrate the nation’s birthday with the theme, “We Are Singapore”. The National Day Parade (NDP) was held at Marina Bay Floating Platform, with over 2,600 participants and 33 marching contingents. Some who were unable to get tickets to the NDP gathered near the vicinity to celebrate, hoping to catch a glimpse of the most anticipated fireworks in the evening.

“We are Singapore” celebrates the people, the nation, and home. The theme emphasizes the collective—regardless of origin and wherever the people are, Singapore is the way of life and will always be home. It is also a pledge of unity and togetherness despite Singapore’s diverse culture. It also defines the Singapore Spirit, empowering Singaporeans to overcome future challenges and adversities together.

World Mission Society Church of God Singapore

Members of the World Mission Society Church of God Singapore gathered for Keep SG Clean Campaign

For this year’s NDP, the World Mission Society Church of God collaborated with the Public Hygiene Council (PHC) for a clean-up campaign. About 150 volunteers from the Church of God gathered near Marina Bay Sands—one of the popular places where many gather to celebrate the nation’s birthday. As early as about 3 pm, both Singaporeans and foreigners started reserving ‘the best seats” to see some of the highlights of the NDP. These include the air show and the Naval Combat Divers who would, for the first time, conduct a freefall water jump to demonstrate their operational prowess. As spectators came in early, they prepared some drinks and food to enjoy the night. Some sat along the benches while some laid mats along the pathways.

World Mission Society Church of God Singapore

Volunteers of World Mission Society Church of God Singapore spreading awareness to keep Singapore clean

Volunteers from the Church of God donned in their signature yellow vests held signboards saying “Let’s keep the Singapore we love clean!” and “I binned it right!”. There were curious onlookers and the message was conveyed as the volunteers walked around. They approached members of the public, giving them gentle reminders to bin their litters, and where the nearest bin was. All were receptive and were more than happy to play their part. Foldable fans and pens were given out as souvenirs as a reward for their small but significant efforts.

World Mission Society Church of God Singapore World Mission Society Church of God Singapore

As the NDP draws to an end, spectators slowly dispersed and left the area. The volunteers then put on their gloves, preparing to comb the area and discard litter that were left behind. Efforts of the volunteers were evidently paid off as the amount of trash were negligible. Everyone had a fantastic time on the Nation’s birthday and the volunteers were elated as they were able to impart the message of keeping Singapore clean on this celebratory day of our nation. Members of the World Mission Society Church of God look forward to their next National Day cleanup.

World Mission Society Church of God Singapore

Volunteers of the Church of God World Mission Society showing the members of the public where they could bin their litter.

World Mission Society Church of God Singapore

Members of the public receiving souvenirs for their effort in keeping Singapore clean

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  1. Nekosage

    Wow! Great job WMSCOG for your efforts in keeping Singapore a clean and green country, even during National Day! Now this is a much better way to celebrate National Day I’ll say!

  2. 云儿

    有你们这些人 ,这社会就有希望了, 真是了不起的青年吗。

  3. Grace lee

    wow! awesome 🙂
    they are truly the good pattern for all youth.
    thanks for your good deeds.
    God bless u all.

  4. dj

    HAHAHAHA it was really great to be part of this meaningful event! Had a great time and the message behind it was wonderful.

    It was made even more enjoyable when all of us volunteers work together with one mind! Let us continue to strive to keep Singapore clean!! Till next time! :))

  5. Lele

    Im so happy to have the opportunity to serve my nation with the love of Heavenly Mother! Church of God is always there to lend a helping hand to protect the environment that we all live in to make this world a better place. Thanks to God Elohim!

  6. Learn to love

    Thank you for helping Singapore clean, well done World Mission Society Church of God!

  7. GX

    The members of WMSCOG have done it again! Bravo! It isn’t easy to clean trash on a big scale but believing in putting God’s words to practice, they spent their time meaningfully for this event. Thank you for your efforts! 🙂

    God bless you!

  8. Patrick

    Kudos to the efforts done by the Members from world mission society Church Of God! I appreciate the effort they have put in to spread the awareness.

  9. Pamela

    It is so beautiful to see the members of the Church of God in Singapore and worldwide serving the community continuously through big and small deeds.

    God bless you so much!

  10. Heather

    Wow! Year after year the members of the World Mission Society Church of God has been continually giving their support.

    I’m sure the members of the public were also moved by the volunteers’ sincere efforts in helping to keep our nation clean.
    Such sincerity must have inspired the people to do their part with joy though it may seem trivial.


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