在这里, 你可以发现圣经的真理-从创世以来所隐藏的奥秘。




Where Does Life Come From?

Where does life come from? What is the source and origin of life? Let us find out the solution to this intriguing and mysterious question that mankind has been asking for centuries. The answer is not far from us.

God the Mother

If there is God the Father, shouldn’t there be God the Mother as well? Let us examine this through the Bible scriptures, to find out whether God the Mother exists too.

Our Heavenly Family

The earthly family system is a copy and shadow of what is in heaven. Then shouldn’t we also have a Father, Mother, brothers and sisters in heaven too?

Elohim God in the Hebrew Bible

Have you ever come across the word Elohim (Hebrew: אֱלֹהִים) ? Do you know what does the word Elohim means? This word appears more than 2500 times in the best selling book in the world—The Holy Bible.

How Many God(s) Is/Are There?

How many God(s) are there? With regards to Christianity, many think that there is only one God. However, the Bible testifies that there are two Gods.


The Mystery of Melchizedek

What is Melchizedek’s mystery? Melchizedek was a priest who blessed others with bread and wine and the answer to the mystery is found in this.

Who is Melchizedek?

Melchizedek was a priest in the Bible who blessed others with bread and wine. Who is Melchizedek and how is he related to us?

The Last Adam and Christ

The Bible testifies to the Last Adam, a life-giving spirit. Who is he? How does he gives us life? We must find a definite answer to this.

The Tree of Life and Christ

As the saying goes, when there is a problem, there is a solution. Is there a solution for death? It can be found in the tree of life.

Coming Again to Teach Us

Why does Jesus need to come a second time? Through the prophecy of the Root of David, let us find out the reason of His second coming to this earth.

The Physical Aspects of Christ

One of the reasons why the Jews rejected Jesus was because they were blinded by what they could see—His physical aspects.

Prophecies Lead Us to Him

As the Bible contains many prophecies about how God will come to this earth, by checking who fulfilled these prophecies, we will be able to identify Him.


Sabbath: Changed in History

During the long history of Christianity, this law of God was suppressed, changed, and eventually, forgotten by men.

Sabbath: As Seen in the New Testament

The Sabbath of the Old Testament differs from the Sabbath of the New Testament. In present times, we should keep the new covenant Sabbath, following the example of Jesus and the apostles.


Passover: Plagues Pass Over

God warned us of impending plagues and showed us the sure way of protection. Let us have the wisdom to heed the warnings and to act upon it.

Passover: The Way to Eternal Life

Life is precious, but limited. In order to extend it to eternity, a sure route we must take is to keep the Passover of the new covenant.


The Day of Atonement

The Day of Atonement, which falls on the tenth day of the seventh month of the scared calendar, is an important feast of God where we can receive the forgiveness for all the sins we committed during the past year.

The Feast of Trumpets

The Feast of Trumpets is a ten-day holy festival which God commanded His people to keep, so that they may repent of their sins and receive forgiveness.

The Feast of Weeks

The Feast of Weeks is referred to as the “Pentecost” in the New Testament times. On this day, God bestows the blessings of Holy Spirit on those who keep this day holy, in accordance to His will.

The Day of Firstfruits

Celebrated on the day after the Sabbath following the Feast of Unleavened Bread, the Day of Firstfruits is a sacred feast of God symbolising Jesus’ resurrection.

The Feast of Unleavened Bread

The day after the Passover, symbolising Jesus’ suffering on the cross, God promises us the blessings of strength to endure all tribulations and hardships when we commemorate the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

The Passover

Have you heard of the Passover in the Bible? The Passover is one of the most important feasts that God has granted to His people. Let’s find out what blessings are promised through the Passover

The Seven Feasts In Three Times

Did you know that there are seven holy feasts of God in the Bible? Grouped into three times, God commanded us to keep them as a lasting ordinance. Let us find out what these feasts are.

The Feast of Tabernacles

The final feast of God – the Feast of Tabernacles. Through this feast, God reveals to us our mission in this age and gives us the Holy Spirit to accomplish it.



As the first step in our life of faith, what is the meaning of Baptism? When and how should we carry it out? Let us understand more about it.

Weeds and Wheat

2,000 years ago, Jesus came to this earth and planted the truth of life for our salvation. However, through His teaching given through the parable of the weeds, He made known to us that false teachings which look very similar to the truth will appear after His ascension.

God the Son and God the Holy Spirit

Since the Bible testifies that God the Father and God the Son are one and the same God, and also God the Father and God the Holy Spirit are one and the same, let us confirm whether God the Son, Jesus and God the Holy Spirit are one and the same God.

Women’s Veil

Is it right for women to worship God with their heads uncovered? Or for men to worship God while covering their heads? Find out the truth of the Bible and about the will of God through the providence of nature.

The Trinity

What does the word “Trinity” mean? How many God(s) will you see in heaven? One? Three? Or two Gods and the Holy Spirit would be hovering around? In order to understand the Trinity, let us understand the concept through the transformation of water.

God the Father and God the Son: Part II

Both the Old and New Testaments agree that God the Son, Jesus is God the Father, Jehovah in very nature. Let us confirm through the Creation, and the testimonies of both Jehovah and Jesus.


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